Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    An improvement to homotopy perturbation method for solving Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation            0000-00-00
2    A neural network approach for solving linear Volterra integral equations of the second kind.            0000-00-00
3    Hyperchaos control of the hyperchaotic Chen system by optimal control design            0000-00-00
4    Formulation of Euler-Lagrange equations for multi-delay fractional optimal control problems            0000-00-00
5    Solving fuzzy nonlinear optimization problems with recurrent neural network            0000-00-00
6    Mathematical modelling for option pricing            0000-00-00
7    The new approach for solving semi-infinite optimal control programming PDE problem    Ph.D    Mahmoudi, Mahmoud    2011-01-17
8    Smoothing Linear projection Operator and its Applications in solving convex optimization problems    M.Sc.    delbari, alireza    2011-03-07
9    The approximate solution for the infinite-time nonlinear quadratic optimal control problem    M.Sc.    Rajabli, Fateme    2011-04-18
10    Portfolio optimization using neural networks    M.Sc.    hajinezhad, ensie    2011-04-18
11    An optimal homotopy-analysis approach for solving nonlinear differential equations    M.Sc.    saberi, hossein    2011-05-09
12    solving transportation and assignment problems with fuzzy, interval and probablistic parameters    M.Sc.    shahrian, ali    2011-05-22
13    Application of the fixed Point theorem for analysis of the error in nonlinear integral equations    Ph.D    baghani, omid    2011-09-21
14    Analysis of BAM neural networks with time delays and bifurcation analysis of some nonlinear systems    Ph.D    javidmanesh, elham    2011-11-28
15    A new approach for solving fuzzy controlled and optimal controlled systems    Ph.D    Najariyan, Marzieh    2011-12-04
16    Optimization Control and Shape Design of an Arterial Bypass    M.Sc.    GOORAN ORIMI, ATEFEH    2011-12-15
17    Conceptual Modeling of Water Balance in River Basin Scale    M.Sc.    Ghallehban Tekmedash, Milad    2011-12-31
18    The solution of linear quadratic fuzzy optimal control problem    M.Sc.    mohajer bakhtiari, soheil    2011-12-31
19    ‍‍Chaos and optomal control of habitat destruction model and cancer model    M.Sc.    sabri razm, zahra    2012-01-25
20    Approximate Optimal Control and Stability of Nonlinear Systems    M.Sc.    jamshidian, fatemeh    2012-01-30
21    Solving a class of optimal control problems and its applications    Ph.D    Shirazian, Mohammad    2012-02-07
22    using approximating functions in delay optimal control problems    M.Sc.    fayaz, fatemeh    2012-05-05
23    Delay control models in treatment of diseases via Fourier series    M.Sc.    Ghanbari, Ghodsiye    2012-05-05
24    Numerical Solution of a Class of Optimal Control Problems Using Homotopy Perturbation Method    M.Sc.    Mortazavi, Seyed Mostafa    2012-07-01
25    Stochastic Regression Using Support Vector Machine    Ph.D    abaszade, maryam    2012-11-21
26    An applicable method for Solving Fractional Control and Optimal Control Systems    M.Sc.    Hosseinpour, Soleiman    2013-04-22
27    solving a class of nonlinear optimization problems by neural networks    M.Sc.    Moghaddas, Mohammad    2013-05-06
28    application of projection function in solving optimization problem and optimal control    M.Sc.    eshaghnezhad, mohammad    2013-05-06
29    Methods scheduling of the projects with probabilistic activity or probabilistic duration    M.Sc.    bidkhani, reza    2013-05-15
30    existence and stability analysis of bifurcating periodic solution in some of the delayed BAM neural network model    M.Sc.    khorshidi, mohsen    2013-05-22
31    Approxiimations of the Generalized Hamilton-Jacobi-Belman Equation    M.Sc.    hashemi, seyedkazem    2013-06-03
32    Design and construction of air suspension ball by Takagi Sugeno fuzzy method.    M.Sc.    شوقی, احمد    2013-06-04
33    Design of a Fuzzy Multi Objective Linear Programming Model for Production Planning (Case study: The Factory of Golchekan Zamani )    M.Sc.    khodaei ardakani, parisa    2013-06-25
34    Arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation interval parameters predicted by pr    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, Zahra    2013-08-26
35    Solving a Class of Fractional Optimal Control Problems    Ph.D    Soradi zeid, Samaneh    2013-09-16
36    Fuzzy linear programming for optimal nutrition heart patients    M.Sc.    Kazemian, Maryam    2013-10-14
37    Variational iteration method for solving a class of the optimal control problem and its applications in chemotherapy for tumors    M.Sc.    Imaninezhad, Freshte    2013-10-14
38    solving a class of fractional optimal control problem    Ph.D    safaie, elahe    2013-11-04
39    Chaotic dynamical systems: approximation solution, control and synchronization    Ph.D    Saberi Nik, Hassan    2013-11-18
40    Semi-Complementarity Functions and Their Application for Solving Complementarity Dynamical Systems    Ph.D    Miri, Seyyed Mohsen    2013-11-25
41    Modeling and Forecasting Stock Abnormal Returns Using the Nonlinear Gray Bernoulli Model    M.Sc.    Doryab, Bahar    2013-12-10
42    On fuzzy projection equation and applications    Ph.D    Pakdaman, Morteza    2014-01-13
43    Solving a class of fuzzy and crisp programming problems and optimal control problem by neural networks    M.Sc.    Mansoori, Amin    2014-01-13
44    Hopf bifurcation, chaos and the effect of drug for continuous and discontinuous systems of HTLV-I and Leukemia    Ph.D    MOSTOLIZADEH, REIHANEH    2014-01-30
45    Bifurcations, chaos and application of drug control in discontinuous systems HIV and HTLV    Ph.D    Shamsara, Elham    2014-01-30
46    Mathematical modelling and novel approaches to goal oriented taxation in the free trade zones (Sirjan Economic Zone)    Ph.D    ranjbar taghi abad, mahdi    2014-02-08
47    Graph coloring using neural networks    M.Sc.    erfaniyan, najme    2014-05-12
48    Fractional Optimal Control Problems within Caputo's and Riemann-Liouville Derivatives    M.Sc.    zarrin far, reyhane    2014-05-12
49    the numarical solution of some optimal control systems with constant delay and pantograph delay via approximation functions    M.Sc.    ghaderi, najmeh    2014-05-12
50    The approximate timing of the impact of diabetes type 2 on kidney disease due to various factors    M.Sc.    raje, soraya    2014-05-12
51    optimal control of treatment in a basic hepatitis B virus infection of non smooth model    M.Sc.    mohammadian, homa    2014-05-12
52    Delay-dependent exponential stability analysis of delayed neural networks    M.Sc.    Sabeti, Samira    2014-05-12
53    optimal exponential synchronization of general chaotic delayed neural networks:An LMI approach    M.Sc.    asadinezhad, fatemeh    2014-05-12
54    Recurrent Neural networks approach for solving several convex problems in machine learning    M.Sc.    Mousavi Hashemi, Seyyed Hamid    2014-05-12
55    Developing a fuzzy risk assessment system for operative mortality after CABG surgery    Ph.D    Taghizadeh Nouei, Mahyar    2014-07-12
56    A recurrent neural network one-layer structure for solving quadratic program    M.Sc.    birouni kashani, mahdi    2015-01-05
57    Chaotic Neural Networks, Control, Synchronization    Ph.D    zarefard, mostafa    2015-01-27
58    Solving linear quadratic optimal control problem with fractional derivatives    M.Sc.    solovarzi, nahid    2015-05-04
59    Optimal Control of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems along with Persistent Disturbances    M.Sc.    gerivani, mahin    2015-05-04
60    Nowhere-zero 3-flows of graphs with prescribed sizes of odd edge cuts    M.Sc.    Borzeshi, Elham    2015-06-01
61    The Least Sum Square Error Followed By Prior knowledge    M.Sc.    pakizehhajiyar, fariba    2015-06-08
62    Qos Routing in Smart Grid with SDN Infrastructure    Ph.D    Rezaee, Mohammad    2015-09-07
63    Finding the approximate solution of some distributed optimal control problems using meshless methods    Ph.D    darehmiraki, majid    2015-09-22
64    Solving stochastic optimal controls linear regulator problems    Ph.D    fotoohi bafghi, mohammad hossein    2015-09-22
65    The approximate - analytical approaches for solving Fractional Linear Optimal Control Problems    Ph.D    sabouri, javad    2015-09-22
66    Approximation solution of fractional order optimal control problems    Ph.D    Rakhshan, Seyed Ali    2015-09-22
67    A radial basis function method for solving PDE-constrained optimization problems    M.Sc.    vatan khahan, nahid    2015-10-05
68    Synchronization and anti-synchronization ,a clam of chaotic systems via adaptive on feedback controls    M.Sc.    javame, setareh    2015-10-05
69    Approximate solution of a class of distributed and boundary optimal control problems with partial differential equation constraints    Ph.D    ghasemi, shojaeddin    2016-01-25
70    Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation for Time-Delay Optimal Control Problem    Ph.D    GOORAN ORIMI, ATEFEH    2016-01-25
71    Controllability and observability of fuzzy control systems and solving quadratic Fuzzy optimal control problems    Ph.D    mastiani, roya    2016-01-27
72    Solving discrete-time linear quadratic optimal control problems    Ph.D    abdolkhaleghzadeh sherbaf, seyed mostafa    2016-01-27
73    multi response synchronization of fractional chaotic systems    Ph.D    Farmani Ardehaie, Mohsen    2016-03-15
74    Optimal control of HIV Dieases by Fractional order Dynamic    M.Sc.    saqi, samane    2016-05-09
75    Heuristics for Image Segmentation Using Multicut    Ph.D    Maskooki, Alaleh    2016-07-02
76    The study of Long- term optimal allocation model for natural gas in Iran using hyperbolic discount rate    Ph.D    alavi, seyed ehsan    2016-10-23
77    solving a class of time-delay fractional optimal control problem    M.Sc.    alibanaie kavaki, maryam    2016-10-28
78    Solving a class of time optimal control problems with time delay    M.Sc.    nasrabadi, najmeh    2016-11-07
79    Projection equation, neural networks and applications    Ph.D    Mansoori, Amin    2017-01-22
80    Synchronization of chaotic and hyperchaotic systems with known and unknown parameters    M.Sc.    shakeri, mahshid    2017-04-23
81    Solving a Class of Vector Optimization Problems Using Neural Network    M.Sc.    asrari doroh, tayyebeh    2017-05-13
82    Synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems    M.Sc.    ghazi, amirreza    2017-05-13
83    Bifurcation analysis and chaos control in Shimizu-morioka system and Finance system.    M.Sc.    shirazian, majid    2017-07-25
84    Control and synchronization of chaos systems using time-delay estimation and Time-delayed Feedback Control    M.Sc.    oladi, ehsan    2017-07-25
85    Neural networks, graph Application problems and fuzyy optimization    Ph.D    eshaghnezhad, mohammad    2017-07-31
86    Synchronization and asynchronous systems of fractional ordering with indefinite coefficients    M.Sc.    mohammadpour moghaddam, Ahmad    2018-01-29
87    Numerical- Anlytic Methods for Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problem    Ph.D    jabbari, tahere    2018-02-19
88    On the affect of supply chain management on a firm's revenue    M.Sc.    talebiyan mashhadi, fatemeh    2018-03-05
89    Evaluation of open loop Nash equilibrium in noncooperative differential games    M.Sc.    hajipour, jamal    2018-03-05
90    Approximation solution of a class of fractional partial differential equation optimal control problems by Bernstein polynomials    Ph.D    ketabdari, ali    2018-06-30